Emergency Preparedness School Program

It is our top priority to protect the safety of communities where we operate. As a responsible neighbor, we meet face-to-face with administrators at every school located within 1,000 feet of pipelines we operate. Critical safety information shared includes:

  • – Pipeline location
  • – Products transported through the pipeline
  • – Signs of a pipeline release
  • – How to properly respond to a pipeline leak
  • – Emergency phone numbers/local personnel contact information
  • – Materials to include in an emergency response plan

Running Horse Pipeline LLC is a member of the Four Corners Public Awareness Association (FCPAA). FCPAA is a non-profit (50 I C-3) organization dedicated to educating the children in the Four Corners area on pipeline and wellsite safety. Sustaining members and industry volunteers support and drive the program. To date we have visited schools in Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Hard Hat Harry has also been present at County Fairs, San Juan County’s Kids’ Fest and Cortez, Colorado’s Safety Jungle, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs in Colorado and New Mexico, Monte Vista Safety Days, Fort Lewis Science Fair and the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival. 

FCPAA has been in existence for approximately twelve years and has educated over 35,000 students, focusing on the 3rd and 6111 grade students. The program consists of our mascot Hard Hat Harry, separate presentations for 3rd and 6th grade students, activity books, a cover design contest, teaching Hard Hat Harry’s slogan “Stay Away, Stay Alive!”, a short movie, a power point and documentation. Our presentations start with Hard Hat Harry dancing followed by the short movie and the presenters doing the final PowerPoint and then a question and answer period. These presentations require a minimum of three individuals. Companies that sponsor the program are asked to send volunteers to help and we can always use more of these wonderful individuals so that we may bring our program to more children in the Four Corners area. 

We are very proud of the success of this program and know that our message is reaching the children. This is evident by the testimonials we have been witness to and the children’s ability to answer questions about safe digging with a high level of confidence. One of our school’s principal’s said, “I. personally feel it is irresponsible for any educator in the San Juan Basin to not require this program to be presented to their students. After all, it’s about the safety of the children”. The FCPAA has set this as a goal for the organization. 

For additional information or to schedule an Emergency Preparedness meeting for your school, please email or call 1-800-889-7437.